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The Antoine Hood Story

Inspiration can take you to lengths…

So truly honored d to have been able to work alongside Antoine Hood @antoinehood26 At age 28, Antoine’s NBA dream has a very real shelf life that grows closer to its end every day. Time and again, Antoine has been on the verge of success, having made the preseason roster for the Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs in 2006 and 2011, only to be cut before the seasons began. Six years have passed since graduating from college as a known prospect and now at the age of many NBA veterans, Antoine’s long awaited rookie season hangs in the balance of what time he has left. In other words, the time is now! Having recently signed with a well known sports agent and currently in the best physical shape of his life, Antoine is primed to make yet another run at NBA summer leagues and training camps in search of what so many have told him simply isn’t going to happen. This summer is a vital time for Antoine’s life, for the dream, and for the production of this documentary and we need your help to keep shooting! Wanna be inspired? Visit:

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