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I love doing what I do, because I know that every single day, there are changes: the children grow, the parents get older clearing the perspective, the view in our present. These moments are worth all in their everlasting nature.  

Most moments in life need to be immortalized, and I want to capture these for you! 


the facts


Family is truly important and a purpose-filled life is my essence.

My everyday is lived with philosophy that love, integrity & honesty are to be followed to create a better world.


I am an animal lover and my best fur companions, are "Boca' - My Orange Mackerel Tabby cat and 'Ananda' My Sweet Rescue-Hound Mix who travels with me. 

I am a lover of Brunch on Sundays and road trips.


I enjoy nature and the feelings met by sunsets, the ocean and mountains.

My style, is an essence of 'Classic-meets-traditional-meets-photo-journalistic' complemented with vibrant colors, and emotion.  My focus for your session is to capture its natural energy for you sans the interfering of the dynamics of your day...

I am a Pisces, and so naturally I love day-dreaming and believing that everything is possible.


Why photography? I have learned through the years, by the many trials in life, that we live a life that is very amazing and short, we are humbly blessed to live it every day.

I love what I do, I have fun doing it, and my passion reflects in all I do​​. Through the past 13 years of being a professional photographer has afforded me to grow at many levels...

Thanks for allowing me to be part of today!

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