With Every Passing Minute...

Subject: Me My Photographer: Peter Hurley | NY Every passing minute.... Funny thing! I find that at 2:25 am I am writing about ME... And the magnificent moment in which the struggle of self-consciousness suddenly vanished...

Those who know me, are aware - I do not get in-front of the camera often and not just because I am always behind it, but in reality it is more because, my being overly conscious of my looks and flaws... Although, some pictures have been taken candidly and I have been okay with that... I still had fears and hesitations... And, the last time I had a head-shot of me professionally made was in HS... Many moons ago... In my world there always have been things such as: "not now, not ready, I don't look good today.. and blah, blah, blah".. Every time, someone would want a pic of me and these are the same words from clients when I do their portraits... Well, been too long on this trail... And my respect and admiration for this talented and inspiring NY photographer Mr. Peter Hurley ... Has lead me to develop my skills in studio portraiture....And today, he saw me in my vulnerable state... In which I had no control, other than to follow his lead and suddenly, I had the valor to jump in-front of his Hasselblad and decided NOT to care what his lens picked, I made peace with ALL my imperfections and, well after all he photographs... some of the most amazing faces, so I figured: "why not?" But also, his words made me realize... That how I think I look.. Other's perception is different...And proved to be right. I decided these two days at WPPI Online in LV were about more than professional growth, these were definitely talks in relations to self growth and incredible inspiration to let go of some things and embrace others... And, so here... Courtesy of Mr. ‪#‎Shabang‬ himself... Mr.Peter Hurley I stood on the other side... And, one word... ‪#‎liberated‬ allie miller

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