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Photographer Platon gives

us a tour of his studio

Came accross this incredible video, really touching indeed and thought: Hey! I want to share with everyone! If you have not met him yet, please meet Platon (born Platon Antoniou) - Who was raised in Greece by his English mother and Greek father - And owns a studio in NYC. He is photographed some of the most influencial and famous individuals in the world. He is one of my most favorite portrait photographers after Peter Hurley. In the attached video, he explains about his 20 year project in which all images are shot in B&W - These are images from his villages, in which he grew up... He believes that there is a point in your life, when you just want to be more honest with the gifts you have and he reached a point in his life with all the bechmarks he set out for himself. He says that when you shoot a b&W photograph, you are searching for all the truths. With today's technology we always covering up all the lines and little imperfections. Today's sofwtwares sell: PERFECT. I can relate to this, many clients always ask me: "can you remove..." or "is it possible to..." - and sometimes, I explaing why although I would smooth out a few things, because I understand the nature of that self-awareness I would not remove or change a few things... Because, one thing I have learned to do while shooting whether be film or digital for the past 27odd years, is to reveal what I pick up on camera and keep it honest [ofcourse unless I am hired for a commercial or working on a conceptual project] - I have always loved B&W phtography and grain in my images. That said, while handling a business, I tend to do what is loved by my client. I do have a few clients that want ALL their images in COLOR; however, for my own pleasure I turn these in B&W - Black and White images are simply "HONEST" Platon, shares the same vision and this is why I have shared the video blog along with my own ideas and thoughts! I invite you to watch. Whether you shoot or simply love photography and are a client. ISO 1200 Magazine | Photography Video blog for photographers: Photographer Platon gives us a tour of his studio Enjoy! Allie Miller North Carolina Photographer

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