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LPHOH - Emerald Isle RETREAT | Summer 2015 | Family Sessions | Last Day

If you have been following our posts, you would have seen that this sweet group has captured our heart in way too many ways! I decided that as not only as an individual but as a local business it was the least I could do for them as they were our guests while visiting the Crystal Coast for the week of 7/24-7/31 and we offered our services on their last day while they came to the end of their time here in the island. I believe that by delivering family sessions at no cost, provided the happiness and one less worry in their lives!

Now, they will happily take some precious memories home after a week at the retreat made possible by Little Pink Houses Of Hope and although they have had a magnificent photographer from Burlington come with them before, this year I was afforded the honor to provide the photographic services to all the 7 families who have been offered the opportunity to recconect and celebrate life via the retreat! I appreciate Erica Madden for making this possible! Today's sessions were an experience that could not be overlapped by anything this season as far as giving somethingto others with my skills . These incredible individuals who appreciated every smile that I asked for, were a true blessing. I am very honored and I am thankful to be a reason for smiles and good memory making ...

I am happy that my craft has provided a little light and has illuminated these sweet lives! Massive thanks to everyone involved, the volunteers and everyone who donated not only their time, but properties and other tools to make this week possible. Already looking forwards to the future and to more LPHOH in my life next summer!

United We Win!

Below: all families & the sweet volunteers who managed their week's activities!

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