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WPPI 2014

As a professional photographer, my life involves much more than just booking that next session and delivering images to my clients. Since, my passion and craft became a business, so has the integration of learning, networking and best of all the familiarity of peers in the industry... So the years pass by and this never gets old -

The awaited date in February and March every year, that is what WPPI is for me... It has become one of the two dates I plan for 365 days in advance along with PPA's Imaging USA.

Okay, so not only it is one of the most awesome trips one can endure, but it is an opportunity to see your photography family along with the reuniting with friends that you have made over the years, make new ones and see other incredible people that have created and shaped opportunities and generated immense learning experiences through their work and knowledge.

That said, there are some incredible, off the wall individuals that are true to the profession and its dazzling forces of attraction pull you in directions you never experienced before. This in itself makes it all worth it. We are (like I said: still growing)

After 5 days of classes, workshops, meetings and presentations, along with so many of the incredible vendors that have become part of our everyday life (I know my business could not functions without them) it was gratifying to find out that everyone, that's right "everyone" in here has started at that same point and is looking for growth, friendship and opportunities to advance in our professions as photographers! It is truly humbling.

One thing deserves mention and I am sure everyone who has a blog and has blogged or written about #WPPI2014 has said the same as I am bout to say: Jason Groupp has made WPPI one amazing place for us, he thinks of us and he is incredible at all levels. I say this with great love, appreciation and respect because I have had the honor to sit with him, one on one and he has listened and he continues to give and give, he is worked really hard to make this year the best yet. For that I am thankful and so proud to belong to WPPI.

I had the incredible opportunity to connect with my proofing crew and meet face to face with the forces that drive the detailed operation that allows my studio to give highest service and produce amazing prints, with incredible delivery and service.

I have met some of the most inspiring ladies and was able to actually have a one on one with many, I know consider my fiends!

If that was not enough, I was able to get photographed once again by the sweet "shabanger master" Peter Hurley.

Also, I was able to sit along for inspiration platform speaker Trevor D and was able to see many dazzled by methods in lighting taught so by the great and ruthless Zach Arias ( this is where I get my whole ONE light set up series but, instead I add only a Prime)

Sadly, could not see my inspirational "help portrait" founder Jeremy Cowart, unfortunately his brother passed while he was presenting and he had to leave, we all felt that loss. It was sad to all who know him. Like I said a photography family!

Also, some friends were missed, everyone is excited with all that was going on with off-site workshops and get-togethers, many groups, parties, so there was not enough time. But, there is always next year and we are looking forwards to it!

We are finally home, everyone is gone back to their lives are ready to create and apply all that knowledge we were exposed to while in Las Vegas. I know, I have been working since I stepped off the plane.. It si great! Aready pereparing for Imaging USA in Nashville in February and WPPI2015 at the MGM in Las vegas, NV. Always stay amazing and connect with me on Social Media.... Google ALLIE MILLER - is that easy!! Allie Miller

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