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Make Sure You Print Your Memories!

The reason why I cannot allow myself to hand 100 + images in a storage device for family and portrait sessions is because I know for a fact that once you may receive these images, a client may see it and suddenly they get busy with life and the 100+ images in a storage device & ends up in a drawer or somewhere misplaced... Who knows? I believe in printing, framing and delivering a few favorite Web sized images [social media shares] and even apps for your devices [ I have those available TOO!] along with a few favorite downloads - This proves that sometimes - LESS is MORE Oh , my Family Sessions Offer a Print Packet & other sessions may bring a print credit - So, how great is that???

My clients, already know and they all agree in this practice - They order their images and they frame them and display them - What if your PC or Laptop crashes and there is not back UP?? Then YOU HAVE lost it ALL! Or what if the USB is un-readable [these things DO happen, different iOS or OS - Updates gone wrong or a technical mishaps... When printed - you have that HARD copy and so, YOU WIN!

And did you know that professional photographers will guarantee your images to last on the professional lab photo paper??? Yes, professionals stand behind their products - And unlike CVS, Walgreen's or other random retailers - That says somethings about your photographer - We care about your images, why? because we shot it and we want you to tel that story by displaying them!

This Is Our Inspiration Wednesday!

IMAGE [ courtesy of Design Aglow ]

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