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Print Your Pictures! What May Not Happen In 50 years... {technology}

While looking at my feed in my smartphone, as many of us do occupy with the technology which surround us, I came a cross an image posted by a fellow photographer Brian Joseph Calabrese This may be a truly beat on subject for those of us who own a professional photography business with a 'Print Your Images" and not a 'Shoot & Burn' mentality or model. For some a great educational read and perhaps, not such joy for others.

But, in all truth.... I know that my clients already know my reasons for NOT shooting and placing all images in an USB [I have not delivered a DVD with images in a very long-long time] to just be printed at some random retail print service "At the Corner of Happy and Healthy" - No offense 'Walgreens' My theory for not delivering ALL images in a storage device proves in the fact that these may never get printed. There is a sense of ownership when you have ALL your images, but also there is something about the feeling of accomplishment, when your images are printed and delivered to you, by your professional photographer! Although, in the past I may have lost potential clients to my strong belief in printing images. I rest in the comfort of knowing that one of my many responsibilities to ALL my clients as their Professional Photographer is to deliver Professionally Created Captures that will be printed/preserved by using professional labs and not that 'retail printer - At the Corner of Happy and Healthy"

That said, my lab partners offer prints that will last 100 years in a typical home display and 200 years in dark storage - Meaning that your kids and your kids' children {the upcoming generations} will enjoy these memories... Therefore protecting your INVESTMENT! You made it this far... Great!!! Now, food for THOUGHT:

- How long ago, all PC's and Laptops had CD/DVD burners??

Now, think about this too - Most of the major brands are developing PC, tables, iPads, and laptops with only USB ports or NONE at all! So, only the prints will make it to your hand assuring you of great moments when they are printed. However, I do offer delivery options on the most loved images from their sessions via USB or downloads with perfect resolution for e-mail/screen-savers, social media. I also deliver a few images in an APPs for their smart devices. Making it fun to enjoy visually, and then the prints are delivered to them at home. The process in framing and placing images in albums is still practiced, in these cases I offer my clients a great discount when they order their prints in already framed products or BULK printing for their albums and lastly, I offer album design! I love that most people still want to preserve memories in albums and such! Please ENJOY creating memories and PRINT all captures - Even the ones in your devices! You will never get these memories back and they are so important! Protect your investment, obtain prints from your photographer, as professional we guarantee our products. I bet your retail " At the Corner of Happy and Healthy" cannot!

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