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Ward Family Fall Session | Beach Coastal Vibes | Allie Miller Photography | Family Love

So excited to have spent time with this sweet family of four for a fall session on the beach in one of my most favorite spots in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

When capturing family sessions with small children, so many things to consider - comfort - rapport - and their attention span is so limited -

Our first thought would have been a pumpkin patch, because is the season for that exact reason - But, mom and dad decided to have a more coastal approach, the weather was so perfect and the beach this time a year is like your own... not crowded.

The children aged 4years and11mos - were the best - no doubts - even the 11mo old baby - stood on her own and that was quite the moment to capture - How lucky am I?

I love also taking pictures of the parents as a couple, it reminds them of their 'why' for these family sessions - First come love and then family - The babies and all!

Such good moments in these sessions - See? All the imperfections are perfect and there is NO right way to session it - I do love to capture them all in their own element along with some standard portraits. The results are fun and true!

Also, wanting to share this was The Wards first ever session as a family of four. So this was truly special and I am very honored to have connected with Haley, the mom on Instagram.



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