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Pine Knoll Shores, NC | Summer Family Sessions | First Baby Steps | NC Family Photographer | Allie M

This summer, I have witnessed all the wonders - from 1st time in years moments , proposals, pregnancy announcements and also... Baby's first steps!

Simon and Kathryn, enjoyed a summer with their 2 baby boys - and also, creating these was such joy - the kids were just enjoying the time on the beach and mom and dad had a moment to reconnect while they took a little stroll by the water, they took the time to just breathe and hold each-other, and at the peak of sunset, I was able to get some last images that I know they will cherish a lifetime!

I enjoy my approach to the session with toddlers and infants, I aim for easy and non stressing - to just capture them in THEIR element with zero pressure, for a smile or some sort of pose... I will try to get this as organically as possible, and most time all succeeds... Some other times it may now... But at the end, we are capturing them as they are... These will make for great memories in years to come... As they grow!



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