Lifestyle: Documenting The Moments of A Professional Marathon Runner, Pre-Race - Post Race. Meet Jes

Her inspiring story...

Jessica was a member at my gym [ Anytime Fitness in Morehead City, NC ] for a year before she was offered a part-time job with the gym - She had joined, because she had goals to get healthy and losing weight, her journey started a bit over 2 years ago and she started running to implement in her active lifestyle. She fell in-love with running and hired a running coach and so started running marathons...

Jessica being a runner to the core. She discovered her passion by pure accident. To date, she has completed 5 half marathons and has already registered for her first full at the end of April in Nashville. Jessica inspires all the beings she encounters and has now become the General Manager at the gym and she is highly involved in all the gym's operational aspects...

She even completed the personal trainer course lead by gym owner Jayme Eitner Limbaugh and is set to take the ACSM Certification exam very soon. She is also certified in CPR and First Aid. Jessica has a charitable side. She's donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and has raised money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for race entry.

In her own words "If you're unsure of where to start or hit a stall in your progress, come talk to me because I've been there and I can help guide you to where you want to be. My job is to inspire and motivate our members and I will not disappoint. I have grown very fond of Anytime Fitness, what the company itself stands for and the club culture we create together nationwide. You will come to see how passionate I am about helping people reach their fitness dreams!"

We accompanied Jessica in March to D.C - She was running a 13.1 Rock 'n Roll Marathon - During this time with her - was very fascinating the process in a race runner hours preceding the event and the hours post race. The weather was not the best - Freezing cold with 9-11mph winds - the kind of wind that make your fingertips throb as if they were ready to fall off... We met some of her friends, who are runners and they have this amazing community of inspiring souls - They are fun and extremely into their running life. To run a marathon, even a half - you need to train, endure and get enough fuel in your meals to be able to exhaust that run - These images will reflect that - Feeding is essential - YES! even the bad carbs - such as DONUTS! It is a very different kind of training... and mindset... We love to document everyone's passions and lives - Because we get to know about what really moves people with emotion...

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