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Wilmington Family Hybrid with Special Portrait session | Allie Miller Photographer | Celebrate YOU

A very special place in my heart with this one - Heather and Matt, are super busy parents to a threen-ager!

The last time I met with Heather, was when we created beautiful maternity pictures to celebrate this rainbow baby!

Time is flown, and realized we needed updated family pictures for the three of them and Gracie [ Heather's loyal 13y/o companion ] You already know where I am going with this...

It was highly important to make sure we integrated all of it, at the same time - Heather has faced some challenges since the birth of the little one and she has endured a new journey in self discovery - Learning that our bodies are so amazing and resilient, she is has obtained a WHOLE new appreciation for the gifts in life and health!

I was so happy and eager to capture not just family pictures, but also HER portraits...I have known Heather for over 10 years and I have been in her life through the many stages in life - her 20's and 30's - She is such a stunning and extraordinary woman at the many levels!

I get to do life and capture her transitions, I am the lucky ONE!

Here we are!


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