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Emerald Isle Family Vacation Session | Allie Miller Photography | Emerald Isle Photography | NC Family Photographer

Stephanie and her family enjoyed a wonderful time by the ocean shore in Emerald Isle, NC this summer.

With life being so fast-paced, jobs and schools... This was the perfect time to get a BIG family photo session that included mom and her sister [the aunt] and all the cousins and grandkids.

Mom, their matriarch has some mobility challenges due to her health and I made sure that comfort was the top priority and that mom and sister got some pictures [ they had not had one since their kids were born] this was a moment for both.

All the families had the chance to take pictures with Mom and this was so important as two of the family members just become engaged, these are the moments I love chasing. These are the legacy sessions. Generations will enjoy these images that celebrate their families and the new families that are forming as time moves on.

We had a blast - Dad & Son - funny ones - Dad - photobombing in one of our scenes. Laughs continued and at the end, we had one shot in which everyone cheered, because this was one special family vacation for all!!!

The JOY!


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