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Atlantic Beach, NC | Family Portrait HYBRID Anniversary portraits | Allie Miller Photography

Two years ago I captured the celebration for Rob and Diane [ high school sweethearts... made separate lives and reunited later on - children grown and all - got married to one another!] They share a wonderful love story - [ yah! click on link above, see what I am talking about]

This summer the family decided to reunite, to celebrate and have a great week in each-other's company... So, the scheduled their time with me on their way to celebrating the anniversary dinner in Beaufort, NC

The colors... Wow! I could not have asked for better combinations... The babies... Well, that is a good story - they were laughs, and cries... Cheerios and lots of other bribes, and we just wanted to capture the essence of family... The couples and the family - Diane's kids and Rob's kids as well... All the love and the fellowship that was shared...

Oh, and the sweet threen-ager who wanted to just wear her GiGi's Coach sunglasses... Such STYLE!



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