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A little something to get you started...

Perhaps a bit long... But, this e-mail evoked the stimulation of emotions such as "New Year’s Resolutions" It has become a tradition that sometimes I like to hold on to, here are a few pieces for everyone to appreciate. I try to every year select out a few things to work on and keep that list in my Tiffany Blue Book by my bedside. 2014 has finally come to an end and I recently looked at my little book and I did pretty well with my 2014 goals {Both business wise and personal} Oh, now... This year, I've had a few challenges - it is harder coming up with a new set of daring matters that will be part on my 2015 plan. However, I enjoy doing these and here is quick questionnaire that perhaps may assist you decide on your resolutions for 2015. Let's see...

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Bad habits I’m going to break:

Start my days earlier, and attain a normal schedule - I definitely need more rest! Where do I want to travel:

DO my normal US route - But, I want to conquer new places. I will make a better effort at: - Creating more availability to help more in my community. - Develop a program locally to provide printed memories to those who cannot afford to have my services such as less fortunate individuals.{ Charitable work} What Project to finish: - My Bridal Sketches and other illustrations - My Sketch table - Canvas painting studio set up What I want to do more of: - Offer Educational Opportunities to beginner photographers - More YOGA and walk more often. Food-wise, what would I do: Prepare in advance... So, I can eat better and frequently What to wear: Although, I have always been the pony tailed with jeans gal, I will attempt to be more-formal, more often Work/Business Wise Indulge in creativity for my clients and myself while continuing to grow and assist conventions/workshops , continue to inspire other and meet new clients as well as to continue developing my Commercial Division! So, there it is.... Now it is your turn...

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