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Family Sessions | The POINT - Emerald Isle, NC | Allie Miller Family Photographer North Carolina

Been waiting for about 4 years to make these happen - @lindsayquinlan_ and @brandonquinlan302 were married 9.4.19 - and their family has grown plus one.

Brandon's sister was pregnant at the wedding in 2019 and baby Nora was still not born yet... Seeing her grown is surreal!

What a great journey!

The timing this year was so perfect. Seeing little Lincoln run around was a joy - he was so very tired, but still are magnificent and I just loved spending time with Great-grandmother, mom and dad as well as sissy!!

4 years later...Brandon, my groom has grown a lovely mane, that reflects his free spirit~ Lindsay and Brandon are still so in-love... and that sweet little one... He just enjoyed being held by mommy all the time

So very truly blessed to have my brides who become my friends through the years and their families as well. I enjoy seeing my photo-families!


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