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Printing Your Images! You can Afford To Do So!

You Cannot Afford Not To Order Your Prints From Your Photo-Studio! To all photography business owners, this is an always issue during the booking process and I often wonder, if every pro-photographer gets the same questions about all images on disc, print rights releases and the "why" on the higher quality product we offer being more 'expensive" - I have, for a while decided that I am not a shoot & burn photographer. I have also opted that only a proper amount of low resolution images are offered in a discs or USBs in my packages and the reason why my discs/USBs are low resolution and the reason why I 'rarely' release the print rights for my work, is because the quality from retail sources such as Walmart, CVS, Costco, Walgreen's and other online services etc. will not produce a good quality image and I am also protecting YOUR investment. That being said, there is a considerable amount of editing effort placed to accomplish that right color tone and clarity as well as high premium artistic affects. Often times in lower end labs the color is not desirable, machines due to the high volume and nature of their business are not calibrated and the papers used are of low quality, because they sell to the masses. I have seen photos where skin tones have very yellow or red tone and after you have made an investment for your sessions, this does not flatter your images nor does it flatter my work. The relationship I hold with my professional labs have been built for years and this is why I completely trust to order your prints from them only, their quality is not only exceeding my margins of production, but the products delivered are guaranteed. I understand that the prints I offer through my proofing service may be a bit on the higher price than Walmart and all other retail places I have referenced, but as mentioned I can guarantee your image quality being a hundred times better and will really show the beauty of the work captured during your session. Ordering from sites and from retail places may get a bit overwhelming, the cropping is not right and the picture also loses its sizing quality, so this is another reason why I can make it easier and you can order your prints directly through me. All your images will be proofed by me upon arrival to ensure they are properly viewed in the size you desire and that quality promised. If they are not I will work with the lab until they are as they should be.

So, as the professional photographer that I am, please rest assured that you have chosen my services because you trust my style and artistic license, and you are making that investment for that service that you will be the most satisfied for. Allie Miller

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