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The Burkholders | Family Session | Beaufort, NC | Family Sessions | Allie Miller Photography 📸

So, Ian the storm - than pretty much swept all land in southwest Florida during the days - Our session with this very special family was schedule for this weekend, and we could not take a chance to weather coming up... We moved our session for Wednesday and we obtained fun and great images.

Nathan and Kayla are parent to a very sweet boy called Jaxson, he has very special needs and to have seen his face light up and come to life during the session was everything - There were zero scripts, the session time was designed with Jaxson in mind.

By far - one of the most rewarding times while having the opportunity to create these for them! These are special times as a family.

I admire The Burkholders - Their design agency focus in effective spaces. The Burkholder Design Collaborative is the only Certified Passive House Consultant in Southwest Missouri. The Passive House approach empowers us to build better. It creates durable, resilient buildings that slash heating energy use by as much as 90% and dramatically reduce operational carbon emissions. Passive House design tools and methods make these energy performance gains both cost-effective and predictable. You know what performance to expect with a certified Passive House. Most importantly, Passive House buildings create healthy, comfortable, and quiet interior environments, full of clean, filtered fresh air.

Architectural design with a purpose and in good faith!

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