Lifestyle Newborn Session | Greensboro, NC | Allie Miller Photography | North Carolina Family Photog

We love at home, lifestyle newborn sessions! This sweet little one was born one early morning at 7:08 am. Weighing 8.1 lbs and measuring about 20.75 inches. Healthy and ready for the world. Laura and Conny were one of my extraordinary couples married in our 2016 season, and since we met we have had a great connection and have shared and spent incredible times, they visit the Crystal Coast regularly, since they are both beach lovers, they are fond of the sandy beaches, the blue skies, shells, waves and coast lifestyle. They had a beautiful journey since decided to grow their family and now they have this handsome boy to love and cherish along with their three fur-babies, who have taken over the watchful duties since he is been home. We are wishing them all the happiness and hopefully, as time passes we will see this family grow. One thing to always keep close to your heart is that love is grand and love is love!


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