Camp Betty Deal - Family Reunion Session | July 26th, 2015

Camp Betty Deal | Sea Isle, NC I have always believed that the best memories are those that you can remember vividly, and the images that you may have alive in your mind.. A smell, a color, a moment... All these compose the memory in thought and all have a legacy left behind! In January 2015 - Betty Deal passed - At the age of 92 leaving a legacy behind.. A loving family and on July 2015 the Deal family gathered to celebrate the life of an amazing woman and they decided to call it Camp Betty Deal with a Low Country Seafood Boil! YUM!

Part of my services and one of my specialties is to record the moments that matter and when I am hired to do a job of this proportion, my emotions are automatically connected to the moments ahead. Our family group of 37, involved more than just siblings... We have newborns, cousins and family memebers that had not seen eachother in a very long, long time. Everyone came from all around the States and have taken time off and have made arrrangements for this very special time here in th Crystal Coast.

The meaning of these images will endure far more than that of a single photograph [although these are utterly important!] - It will recreate these memories, which will become cherised for times to come.

Imagine, when these newborns become young adults and later as parents, these pictures will remind them of the special times lived as family, and they will want the same with their children.

You may ask, why is it so important that a professional is hired to capture these, my simple answer is: Because, you need to focus on enjoying these moments instead of juggling the settings in equipment or looking for that ONE moment, while miss many others... We, as professionals will help you capture the moments, so that YOU don't miss a single one and then, later on... You can enjoy by looking at your pictures and finding ways to get them displayed for others to enjoy! Professional imagery is very important and yes... It is granted that anyone can take a picture, but a well taken and produced image will speak more than one thousand words for your memories... In your lifetime. Create the legacy!!

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