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October 1, 2017

Family Sessions for the 2017 Season was quick and busy -

While managing a full portrait and wedding business. our family and children division takes a few selected commissions for established clients and new clients visiting our area -   It is a great time to think about scheduling your photos - For Mid, Summer-End and Fall

We love to offer the opportunity to create and capture these moments, and these sessions are aimed to keep family memories alive...

I love to call them "Family Legacy" Sessions - Because after all the time pass...

While looking at my feed in my smartphone, as many of us do occupy with the technology which surround us, I came a cross an image posted by a fellow photographer Brian Joseph Calabrese This may be a truly beat on subject for those of us who own a professional photography business with a 'Print Your Images" and not a 'Shoot & Burn' mentality or model.  For some a great educational read and perhaps, not such joy for others.



But, in all truth.... I know that my clients already know my reasons for NOT shooting and placing all i...

June 11, 2014


Look at the Crop vs Full-Frame Debate


Short and sweet!


Definately - a MUST watch - +Zack Arias - Has the most valid points... Differenciating all the talk about #crop vs #fullframe cameras!!! SO - always remember: #cameras cannot see - They know, no #composition , #color, #size or #emotion ... Not even MOMENT - So it all comes done to you, me.... the operator - the #photographer.. the operator. Point MADE!!! :) Love the #honesty always the best policy!

May 2, 2014

I admire Mike Allebach - And Yes, with his blessin this has been re-blogged


All written by Mike Allebach via Brandmash *

Ding – the email sounds an alert of an incoming message on your client’s computer. A ransom note appears warning 7 days to upgrade their gallery – or else. For less than $30 they can save their photo gallery from expiring. A short few weeks with all those cute pixels but now a strange company has taken them hostage and is demanding money. Pay up or these photos are taking a ride to the river in a beat up Cadill...

January 25, 2010

Why hire a Professional Photographer?

While reading my daily usual fare of articles - I cannot help, but to emphasize on the incredible importance of various points while considering hiring a 'photographer" for a special day such as a wedding venue or a session such as your child's birthday or family pictures....

Susan Wilson, is one amazing woman and photographer and in her writings- she really reveals the love for what she is inspired for.  An amazing writer - here are a few excerpts and my thoughts combined!...




We've discussed some of the tools you can use in the studio, but what happens when you move outside? Suddenly, the elements that you had complete control of indoors begin to change, and you have to adapt to the lighting available. There are many factors that can affect your lighting; time of day, weather, season, and location are just a few. In combination with the variance of sunlight, these elements continuously change, making it difficult to predict or control the quantity, quality, color, or direction of light. These can have a...


Using Continuous Lighting




Newcomers to continuous lighting ask questions very similar to those using strobes:
- What kind of bulbs should I buy?
- How do I connect the lights to my camera?
- Do I need to change anything on my camera to get it to work?
- Where do I put the lights to get the best picture?

We'll address these questions below.

Buying Bulbs

There are several options for purchasing bulbs, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We recommend sticking tocompact fluorescent bulbs - they are afforda...

Many beginners to using strobes have the same questions:
- How do I hook the strobes up to my camera?
- What changes do I need to make on my camera to get it to work?
- Where do I put the strobes to get the best picture?

In this post, we aim to answer these questions in order to provide you with a great starting place for your own photographs.

Hooking Up the Strobes

With most strobe units, there are three different ways to trigger the flash: sync cords, other flashes, or wireless triggers.

Sync cords are t...

March 31, 2009


Continuous vs. Strobe


This is our #1 asked question: should I use a strobe or continuouslighting? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this question, as what you use is based on many factors, one of which is your personal preference. However, there are a couple strengths and weaknesses for each type of lighting that may help you to choose what it right for you.
Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting uses a constant light source to light your subject, meaning that your lights will stay on during the entirety of your...



Rule of Thirds


The rule of thirds is a guiding principle in photography, used by many photographers to emphasize key elements in their pictures and to create tension. This creates a different feel to the end result than simply centering the subject would.

The basics of this technique are quite simple: divide your picture into thirds vertically and horizontally, creating 9 equal squares, as shown in the photo to the right. Notice how the trees and the horizon fall in relation to the lines dividing the picture. The main subject of t...

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