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October 1, 2017

Family Sessions for the 2017 Season was quick and busy -

While managing a full portrait and wedding business. our family and children division takes a few selected commissions for established clients and new clients visiting our area -   It is a great time to think about scheduling your photos - For Mid, Summer-End and Fall

We love to offer the opportunity to create and capture these moments, and these sessions are aimed to keep family memories alive...

I love to call them "Family Legacy" Sessions - Because after all the time pass...

July 29, 2015

Camp Betty Deal | Sea Isle, NC

I have always believed that the best memories are those that you can remember vividly, and the images that you may have alive in your mind.. A smell, a color, a moment... All these compose the memory in thought and all have a legacy left behind!

In January 2015  - Betty Deal passed - At the age of 92 leaving a legacy behind.. A loving family and on July 2015 the Deal family gathered to celebrate the life of an amazing woman and they decided to call it Camp Betty Deal with a Low Country Seafood Boil! YU...

While looking at my feed in my smartphone, as many of us do occupy with the technology which surround us, I came a cross an image posted by a fellow photographer Brian Joseph Calabrese This may be a truly beat on subject for those of us who own a professional photography business with a 'Print Your Images" and not a 'Shoot & Burn' mentality or model.  For some a great educational read and perhaps, not such joy for others.



But, in all truth.... I know that my clients already know my reasons for NOT shooting and placing all i...

July 2, 2014



Photographer Platon gives

us a tour of his studio

Came accross this incredible video, really touching indeed and thought: Hey! I want to share with everyone!

If you have not met him yet, please meet Platon (born Platon Antoniou) - Who was raised in Greece by his English mother and Greek father - And owns a studio in NYC.  He is photographed some of the most influencial and famous individuals in the world. He is one of my most favorite portrait photographers after Peter Hurley.

In the attached video, he explains...

June 11, 2014


Look at the Crop vs Full-Frame Debate


Short and sweet!


Definately - a MUST watch - +Zack Arias - Has the most valid points... Differenciating all the talk about #crop vs #fullframe cameras!!! SO - always remember: #cameras cannot see - They know, no #composition , #color, #size or #emotion ... Not even MOMENT - So it all comes done to you, me.... the operator - the #photographer.. the operator. Point MADE!!! :) Love the #honesty always the best policy!

March 16, 2014

As a professional photographer, my life involves much more than just booking that next session and delivering images to my clients.

Since, my passion and craft became a business, so has the integration of learning, networking and best of all the familiarity of peers in the industry... So the years pass by and this never gets old - 



The awaited date in February and March every year, that is what WPPI is for me...

It has become one of the two dates I plan for 365 days in advance along with PPA's Imaging USA.

Okay, so not only...

I am always looking for the greatness and lesson to be learned in challenges and other things that may occur in our lives.... and while reading from this BLOG - I have decided to Re-Blog and Excerpt it - because no matter how I can re-word this whole blog in my own words.. I could not tear away from what it is being conveyed by this "will touch your heart" read!My business includes many decision based on emotion and emotions are affected by the quality of life lived by every individual.  I believe in choices being made pretty much det...




We've discussed some of the tools you can use in the studio, but what happens when you move outside? Suddenly, the elements that you had complete control of indoors begin to change, and you have to adapt to the lighting available. There are many factors that can affect your lighting; time of day, weather, season, and location are just a few. In combination with the variance of sunlight, these elements continuously change, making it difficult to predict or control the quantity, quality, color, or direction of light. These can have a...

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